More Than Just A Marketing Company - A Marketing Ally

What we do...

AllyMark seeks to understand your needs and then assemble a brand and message outreach program that works for your business. It’s really that simple, but you know how difficult that effort can be…otherwise, all businesses would do it consistently and efficiently.

Our approach...

Can be summed up in a word – ‘SERVE’

  • Support each client and their staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Engage each job with skill and efficiency.
  • Remain receptive to new ideas and approaches.
  • Vibrant activity is the means to the end.
  • Ethical behavior is the only option.

A Quick Review Of Our History

AllyMark is part of SOSI Partners, LLC, bringing together a team with over 40 years of combined experience in marketing and product management, business operations, customer service, and finance. Please see more about what makes us tick at

Founded in 2013, AllyMark may be young but our business ethics, commitment to excellence, and desire for our clients’ success is fully matured and unparalleled in the marketing industry. We are passionately committed to marketing, applying best practices and even challenging traditional precepts when needed. We constantly seek to remain on the leading edge, seeking to avoid the bleeding edge for our sake and yours. Unlike other marketing companies, we do not see you as an experiment in the lab; rather we understand how precious your time and resources are and treat both with the respect we seek for our own.

We are small business people and entrepreneurs, just like the clients we serve. The owners of AllyMark are Moms and Dads, committed to family and friends, with school drop-off and pickup duties, college planning, soccer and softball practice, etc., seeking balance just like the clients we serve. We intimately understand that the majority of small business owners do not have the luxury of creating clean lines of separation between their personal and business lives. Our goal then is to make marketing as small an impact as possible for the clients we serve.

As the name presupposes, AllyMark is committed to being the marketing ally to small business owners, allowing them to do what they do best – focus on their chosen trade – while we assist them in marketing their business.